Case 2

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See attached instructions. 

Professor Instructions.

PICOT / Research Assignment

General Instructions:

1-The paper must follow APA format, including a cover page and headings per 6th edition APA guidelines. Also include a reference page.

2-The paper should include a PICOT part (written/narrative).

3-The paper should be 6 pages without including title and references paper.

4-Please remember PLAGIARISM SHOULD BE UNDER 10%.

Components of the paper:

1-Title page.


3-Problem statement.

4-PICOT QUESTION (Explanation of each component)

Population of Interest

Intervention of Interest

Comparison of Interest

Outcome of Interest





(P) Among nurses, (I) how implementation of education and health promotion (C) compared to nursing care practice into hospitals and health care facilities (O) decrease the mortality rate in patients with more than one comorbidity (T) during the time of their hospitalization?

Other important instructions:

1- The introduction must be clear and concise and be inclusive of a summary of the intent of your paper. It must also provide a formal purpose statement to set your paper up for your reader(s).

2- In the problem statement fully describe the primary problem you are addressing as part of your potential hypothetical project. Integrate contemporary/scholarly evidence (no more than 5 years old) to support the need for change.

3- State the quantitative PICOT question in a clear and concise sentence. Describe your population of interest. Describe your intervention of interest. Evidence from the literature must be present with a minimum of 2 scholarly references to support the evidence-based practice intervention. (Keep in mind that you are not conducting the actual research, you are using what has already been researched and published as an evidence-based intervention. Describe your comparison of interest. If there is no comparison of interest, indicate that and provide rationale why one will not be used. Describe your outcome of interest. Is it measurable? Is the tool that you will utilize to measure outcomes proven to be reliable and valid? Briefly identify the timeframe associated with the implementation phase of your project. Summarize the key points you made within your paper. Avoid introducing any new information in this section.

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