Capella University Evaluation and Training of Results Analysis Presentation

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You are the head of the marketing department and have been placed in charge of the analytics group for their 90-day probationary period. You are now responsible for the quality, accuracy, and reliability of the results reported out from the analytics group, and are responsible for reviewing all work prior to it being presented to the executive committee.

An analyst has conducted an A/B test to compare the revenue per visitor for the same banner ad media run on two different websites. The results of this analysis are included here. You have decided to evaluate the results and use it as an example in a training session for the analytics group on how to conduct a critical evaluation of results from an analysis.

Using the data and results docs provided, evaluate the results of the analysis, paying attention to the alignment of the method selected to the business problem being addressed, the testing of assumptions required to use the selected method, and potential issues with generalizations, and the usability of the results.

Create a training presentation that includes:

  • Evaluate the alignment of the method selected to the business problem being addressed.
  • Evaluate whether the requirements to use the selected method were checked. Were the assumptions met?
  • Evaluate potential issues with the generalization and usability of the results. Were they included in the analysis results?
  • Propose methods to address any issues that arise from the evaluation process.

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