Cap project – sepsis and early prevention

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Sepsis and early prevention – CAP 

Please, read through the instructions

Nursing CAP


Sepsis and Early Prevention



On this Final Paper (combination of the 1st and 2nd Draft), please, make the necessary adjustments as follows:

The paper should only be about Sepsis and Early Prevention in UNIT 4NW

(I provided you with some data/statistics to make that critical correction)

Please, read the notes of the teacher at the end of the 1st Draft to make the necessary corrections.


Instructions: CAP e-Poster Creation & Presentation

Poster presentations share research and clinical projects. Your electronic (e-) poster will present key elements of your Clinical Application Project (CAP).

· The CAP e-poster is to be designed on a PowerPoint template, but not printed. You will simply submit the PowerPoint file to the Brightspace submission folder.

· If you are unfamiliar with creating a scientific poster, instructions are outlined at the bottom of this document. It’s easier than you think. Because you are limited by space in the poster format, you must be clear and concise in your writing.

· Refer to the CAP rubric for all necessary requirements.

General guidelines for e-poster:

· The e-poster should look neat, professional, and visually appealing

· Use a simple font (like Arial), no smaller than size 32; larger for section headings and even larger for title/presenter name

· Regarding text:

· Labels or headings should be clear and easy to understand.

· Select contrasting colors; darker letters are effective when used on a light background & vice versa.

· Text should be brief and to the point; use short sentences or phrases to summarize key points; bullet points work well.

· If you are planning to use charts or graphs on your poster:

· Visual data help to express ideas; graphics should be understandable.

· Keep it simple; don’t overwhelm the audience with too many numbers.

· Make sure there is a clear caption so the reader understands the significance.

· Assure consistency in use of format.

· Check and double check spelling.


· Include any form, brochure, or handout you develop as part of the project.

· A reference page in APA format must be submitted with your e-poster. The reference page should include at least the journal articles that were discussed in the literature reviews of the clinical topic and solution.

CAP Instructions and Rubric

Grading criteria for PAPER




1. Introduces topic and provides overview of the issue (2 pts.)

1. Discusses why this issue is pertinent to the particular unit/organization and what led student to choose the topic (2 pts.)

1. Identifies unit, manager, etc. support for the project (1 pt.)

1. Identifies how the project will specifically benefit the unit/organization (2 pts.)


Literature review: topic/issue

1. Includes two recent articles (less than 5-7 years) from professional nursing or health sciences journals (2 pts.)

1. For each article: provides brief summary and discusses how the article is pertinent and relevant to the topic/issue (4 pts./each article=8 total)


Literature review: solution/intervention

1. Includes two recent (less than 5-7 years) articles from professional nursing or health sciences journals (2 pts.)

1. For each article: provides brief summary and discusses how the article is pertinent and relevant to the solution or interventions (4 pts./each article=8 total)

1. Articles support the student’s chosen solution or intervention (2 pts.)



1. Clearly describes final project or intervention (2 pts.)

1. Outlines specific steps to implement final project/solution, including timeline for how the project could be “rolled out” (4 pts.)

1. Discusses how the project will address/improve the clinical issue (2 pts.)

1. Discusses future follow-up, evaluation, and/or measurement of the impact of the project (3 pts.) 


Paper mechanics

1. Incorporates required content in a 4-5-page paper (not including title page and reference page) (2 pts.)

1. Follows correct APA:

1. Proper title page (1 pt.)

1. Appropriate text spacing, font size, headings, and in-text citations (2 pts.)

1. Formatted reference page (2 pts.)

1. Writes clearly; uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; avoids first person voice (3 pts.)


Grading criteria for e-POSTER




1. Clearly displays the topic or issue (2 pts.)

1. Includes general information about the topic or issue

(2 pts.) *

1. Communicates specifics about why it is pertinent to the particular unit or organization (2 pts.) *

1. States institutional support (1 pt.)

*If applicable, poster uses appropriate graphic or visual which conveys national or local data, trends, organization or unit statistics, etc.


Literature review of the topic/issue

1. Includes literature support of the topic or issue (1 pt.)

1. Summarizes most important point(s) of each article (4 pts.)

1. Clearly connects authors with literature points (1 pt.)



1. Clearly outlines solution and presents as feasible (3 pts.)

1. Includes literature support of chosen solution (2 pt.)

1. Clearly connects authors with solution literature (1 pt.)



1. Identifies and explains final project and attaches a copy of “work product” (in-service handouts, pamphlet, form, pocket card, for example) (4 pts.)

1. Specifically describes how the final project would be implemented, including timeline for “roll-out” (2 pts.)

1. Describes how the impact of the project could be measured or evaluated (2)

1. Addresses the future implications of the project for the unit and/or nursing in general (2 pts.)


e-Poster mechanics

1. Professional looking: follows elements of e-poster construction; organized and clear layout that flows well (2 pts.)

1. Visually appealing: words and graphics are easy to see; appropriate use of color (2 pts.)

1. Student’s name, Resurrection University and project site are clearly identified (1 pt.)

1. Reference page is complete, in proper APA format, and submitted with the e-poster (1 pt.)



Thanks !

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