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Final Research Paper

PLEASE DO NOT use Wikipedia or Findlaw

1) How many states have now legalized marijuana for medical use? (just the number). 2) How many states have now legalized marijuana for recreational use, and which ones are they? 3) Does this comport with federal law, and what does that mean for the state laws or state practice? 4) Where is marijuana listed on the schedule for controlled substances under federal law, what are the criterion for listing a drug under that schedule, and why does that make a difference in penalty? 5) Please provide three arguments for legalizing marijuana and three arguments for not legalizing marijuana. (If you like you can narrow the question to medical use only or make it a broader application to include recreational use). 6) Which arguments carry the most weight in your mind, and why? 7) Regardless of how you came out on the previous issue, should states have the right to choose, and why or why not? 8) Compare marijuana to alcohol in terms of the prohibition era when alcohol was outlawed. Are the same issues at play, and why or why not? 9) What has been the broader effect of drug cases on our prison populations and the cost of incarceration, especially marijuana offenses? 10) Do mandatory minimum sentences for these offenses make sense, and why or why not? 11) How would you address this problem?

It needs to be 5-7 pages in length and typed in word format, Times New Roman 12 Point Font, with one inch margins all around. You are required to use at least four outside sources.

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