California State University Northridge Pursuit of Happiness Film Analysis Paper

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A four page essay in APA Format it is based on the film analysis of the movie Pursuit of happyness (2006) and chapters on the book “Interpersonal Communication:Everyday Encounters 9th edition”


Film Analysis

Your analysis should include an introduction, body, and a conclusion. You will need to present a thesis statement and have main points, sub-points, examples, evidence, etc.

  1. Start your paper with an introduction and tell the reader what the essay will be about. Include your thesis in your introduction paragraph.
  2. Provide a brief summary (no more than a paragraph) of the film that captures the central theme. Include what type of interpersonal communication you will be focusing on in your paper, family, romantic, friendship, etc.
  3. Define a concept you observed in the film by citing the course text as a foundational resource. Formally define the concept or theory first, and then explain how it was observed in the film. For example, you would begin the paragraph by presenting the concept, or the observed theory (this is your topic sentence for this paragraph). Next, you would define or explain the term, model, concept, or theory. Followed by a citation and interpret the definition in your own words. Finally, you would (in that same paragraph) write about the scene from the film that conveys this and how, using specific examples. Prove to the reader why “that scene” from “that film” is an example of “this interpersonal communication concept.”
  4. Begin a new paragraph for each term, model, theory, construct, or concept discussed. You will need at least 6 concepts of the aforementioned. Conclude your essay with a solid conclusion. In it, you’ll include the “overall” and state how you addressed your thesis.


  1. Four to five pages double spaced
  2. Standard essay format
  3. Twelve point font
  4. One inch margins
  5. Follows APA guidelines
  6. Reference page
  • A strong paper will reflect the author’s ability to make connections between the film and our course.

Examples of concepts that can be used include but are not limited to:

Ch 7 — Influences on emotions, Ineffective expressions of emotions

Ch 8 — Relational Dialectics, confirming and disconfirming climates

Ch 9 — Interpersonal conflict, principles of Conflict, Responses to conflict, neglect response, exit response, passive aggresion, overt and covert conflict, unproductive and constructive conflict.

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