buying power of African Americans

Discuss, specific contributions you can make as an accounting or finance professional to bring
about change in your community to positively impact the buying power of African Americans
while executing the Association’s motto, "Lifting As We Climb" (Minimum: 500 words, Maximum:
750) * I often have a tiny red flag in the back of my mind and I ask myself why do I want to become a
C.P.A. and usually, the answer comes down to “why not”? I would love to own a firm that will
provide audit, tax and consulting services at an affordable price to the public. In order to own a
reputable and respectable organization, you need to be a CPA. Being a CPA in today’s
competitive business environment, gives one an edge and a distinction over business
competitors. The CPA which is a vital part of any strong business or organization is the most
respected and valued credential in the financial community. Another reason for me wanting to be
a CPA is the prestige and respect that comes with it. Being a CPA will also help towards me
giving back to the society because I see it as being a given a license to protect the public and the
minorities. With companies conducting fraudulent business activities, the CPA profession
protects people from losing their hard-earned money. as a way of giving back to the society by protecting the public from unqualified individuals who
express their views on financial statements making the public to lose their hard-earned revenues. NABA’s Motto that is “lifting as we climb” means that we should share our accounting
knowledge and experience to help one another achieve goals (NABA, n.d). As such, I will
personify this motto by seeking advice from the senior accountants whenever am faced with a
challenge while executing accounting duties. Additionally, I will embody this motto by attending
NABA accounting conferences to gain more knowledge and share experiences.

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