race, gender and sport

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For the first discussion board, introduce yourself to the class. Describe the role that sports has played (or not) in your life and why. Then consider the ideas put forth by Zirin (in the video and in his book) and Carrington. Allow their perspectives to inform your response to the following questions:

  1. Explain how the case of boxer Jack Johnson’s 1913 conviction (by an all-white jury for violating the Mann Act) and 2018 pardon by President Trump reflect the connection between the world of professional sports and the larger politics of race in America?
  2. Given President Trump’s criticism of professional athletes engaging in race-based political protest, what is the deeper message we are to glean from his pardon of Johnson, given the racial climate of the time (1913) that informed the circumstances surrounding his conviction, as well as our current political climate of race-baiting and dog whistle politics?

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