Asian American

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Answer each question in 80 words each.

As a group, Asian Americans are the most economically successful race in America, including Whites. Discuss why this is the case.

Unlike many other countries, such as Belize, Brazil, and South Africa, until recently the modern U.S. census only included choices for a single race. In 2000, “two or more races” was added. How does this change reflect a shift in U.S. demographics and attitudes?

What is post-racialism? How has the racial landscape in the U.S. changed since the election of the first African American president?

How does the increase in mixed-race identity blur the racial lines in the U.S.? What is the future of a single-race approach to diversity in the U.S.?

How have Asian-Americans adapted to the culture in the United States?

Is there a difference between Asian-Americans adapting to United States’ society and other races?

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