Ethics case study

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Hi, can you help me with this? Here are instructions. This is eight step ethical decision making model project but I just need answered steps 3 and 4.

Ethics Case study

A young woman seeks therapy due to a dog phobia that has significantly limited her functioning. During the informed consent procedure, the therapist explains that in accordance with his cognitive- behavioral orientation and treatment techniques, he will begin the treatment by teaching the client to identify and challenge the irrational thoughts underlying her fears. He explains that the treatment will also include exposure to stimuli associated with her fears (a slide show of different dogs) and watching others interact safely with dogs. Although the therapist hopes that the treatment will eventually involve exposing his client to an actual, live dog, he fears that telling her this too early on in the treatment might make her too anxious to even begin. Halfway through the treatment, when the therapist eventually brings up including a live dog in the treatment, the client balks at the suggestion. The therapist praises her progress and encourages her to participate in the exposure as a way of fully meeting her goals to eliminate her fear of dogs. The client feels as though she has been misled; she looks back at the informed consent process as being full of “half truths” and finds it difficult to trust or feel safe with her therapist again.

3. Relevant APA ethics code (site the specific professional ethics code).

Site specific guidance from the relevant professional ethical code (ACA, APA, ASMHC will be the codes that are available to you).

4. Applicable laws and regulations.

State any relevant IL state codes, statutes, case law, administrative policy, or federal guidelines?

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