Reflect and Research Essay Discussion: Introduction to Self Destructive Deviance Contains unread posts

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Students will, in essay format, discuss two articles they find on suicide and mental disorders.


  • Research and find 2 articles, one on suicide or self mutilation and one on mental disorders.
  • Read and give a paragraph summary of each article, including if the article identifies social factors or demonstrates what the text reports on those more likely to fall into the categories of at risk for suicide, self mutilation or mental disorders.
  • Discuss social responses to suicide or self mutilation and mental disorders one or two paragraphs.
  • Which theories from our text apply to your chosen articles? Explain in detail.
  • In a final paragraph, discuss what you have learned from the articles, research and chapter that lead you believe these acts are deviant or not. Which theory on mental disorders do you most identify with or align with personally and why?
  • Provide references or link to the articles and other sources you cited for information in the essay.

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