Need help with a research paper for my philosophy class.

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Learning Objective: to be able to make a clear and logical ethical argument on a moral issue concerning business and society. (LO 1, 2, 3,4).

Topic choices:

Gambling industry: has the gambling industry (either online or casinos) played a positive or negative role in our economy, equality in hiring; has it brought positive social interaction or social ills? These are some of the issues you may argue in the paper but there are many more.

Diversity in the Workplace: do Silicon Valley companies hire a diverse workforce? Do the tech companies strive to bring different cultural and ethnic views into creating and developing technologies?

Directions for the paper:

1. MLA format

2. 5-6 pages of writing

3. One Works Cited page properly formatted

4. Three (3) scholarly, peer-reviewed Journal articles required

One article for each premise; and one article for the opposing view

5. The Argument Formula must be followed. Therefore your outline should be this:

Introduction: clearly stated argument sentence

Premise 1: Your first reason for your argument. You include a scholar’s view from your research.

Premise 2: Your second reason for your argument. Include the second source here

Applied Theory: Apply and explain why and how the theory supports your argument. This is not one line. Make sure you explain in detail. Do not give the definition of the theory. Rather explain exactly how it agrees with your argument.( choose from Utilitarian, Kantian, Ross, Rawls)

Opposing view: Consider a good argument against your own. Offer the scholar’s view from your research. Refute it logically and defend your argument over and against this view.


My professor only accepts peer-reviewed – scholarly articles and i need atleast 3 of them. Thats a huge part of my grade.

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