easy othello 2-3 page paper

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While plays such as Shakespeare’s Othello are not always easy to read or understand, they do provide us with timeless/universal themes relating to jealousy, envy, betrayal, prejudice, love/sex, ambition, ambition, appearances versus reality, etc.

Choose any universal theme you see operating in Othello and write a narrative essay (a story from your life) that illustrates the connection you see between the story you tell from your life and the world of Othello. As you tell your story, incorporate the elements of narration: characterization, conflict, suspense, dialogue, etc. (Some of you may remember writing a narrative from English 101, right?). If it has been a while since you took 101, the point of a narrative is to tell a story that communicates some autobiographical significance to the reader. As you craft your narrative, demonstrate for your reader an understanding of how the theme you have identified is evident in both the play and in your narrative. In other words, you will want to engage the text of the play by integrating relevant quotes from it. For example, I could certainly point to times when I, like Othello, was guilty of being “one that loved not wisely, but too well” (5.2.344).

Please do not read or introduce any secondary sources into your paper or do any research online.

I want this to be YOUR original response and reaction to the play. Guidelines:

Essays must § be between 2-3 pages (this means at least two full pages of text). §

be typed (12 point Times New Roman font), double-spaced, and formatted using MLA format § use the primary text to support your discussion.

This means you must quote relevant passages from the play that support the points you are making.

Make certain you integrate these passages smoothly into your own prose and document them using MLA format. § include a works cited page.

§ be submitted via Blackboard. Finally: §

Essays that do not meet the minimum guidelines or ignore the assignment are not read and will receive a 50/F. §

Essays will be scored using the Language and Literature Department’s Grading Policy.

§ If you have questions regarding the paper, please post them to the discussion

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