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Pick a book to read that is based on a well-known leaders life who interests you. Write a 2-3 page paper (double spaced, times new roman, 12 pt font) evaluating his or her credibility including the following:

1. what you learned through reading the book,

2. what are the leaders qualities and what do you think about them, and

3. what aspects of the leader would you would want to incorporate into your own life as a leader.

Also, rate this individual on each of the three dimensions of credibility from Chapter 6 of the book and draw conclusions about why the person succeeded or failed in establishing and maintaining his or her credibility. (See attached for the dimensions of Credibility)

I will be looking for the following in grading this assignment:

1. Thesis – Clear, original, and insightful

2. Organization – Organizational strategy creates a persuasive logical flow

3. Ideas evidence analysis –

Cogent ideas, compelling evidence & convincing interpretation

4. Audience –

Consistently and skillfully anticipates readers’ needs

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