6-1 Milestone Five: Draft of remaining sections of Component 2

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Submit Milestone Five, a draft the remaining sections of Component 2 (Method/Intervention, Staffing/Administration/Resource Needs, Program Evaluation Plan and Guidelines for Program Implementation and Stakeholder Communication Tool), addressing all critical elements from section VI of Capstone Component 2.

IV. Method/Intervention: This section should include a detailed description of the activities required to achieve the project objectives. You will summarize them in the “Intervention” column in the logic model chart and then explain them in the body of your paper.

V. Staffing/Administration/Resource Needs: This section should cover the resources necessary to implement your program, such as staffing and overall budget needs (the resources column in the logic model chart). It should include a short description of the number of staff members needed, their qualifications, and a brief summary of what they will do. You will summarize the information in the provided chart template and explain it within your paper.

VI. Program Evaluation Plan: The logic model chart that you will add as an appendix represents your program evaluation plan. You now need to describe the data collection process. This section is a description of how the organization will know the project is a success. What methods will be used to evaluate success? What types of measures will be used? Who will do the measurement? What data will need to be collected? Who will collect the data?

VII. Guidelines for Program Implementation and Stakeholder Communication Tool: You will begin by creating an implementation plan using the provided Implementation Plan Chart Template, which will be placed in Appendix B and described in this section of your capstone project. You will also identify one key stakeholder that you want to communicate with. Describe a communication tool that you determine would be most effective in gaining support for the proposed program from that one key stakeholder. A key stakeholder could be a mayor, governor, member of law enforcement, superintendent, legislator, or other person. Examples of appropriate communication tools include but are not limited to:

• Professional presentation that is designed for a specific audience

• Editorial for potential publication in the local paper in your community

• A letter for potential distribution to local media, with the goal of getting the story published or featured on the local news

• A letter for potential distribution throughout the community

• Social media messages


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