I need you to do these two assignments.

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I need you to do these two assignments.

1- This assignment will consist of two pages. Your first page will be a typed up list of at least 5 questions you plan on asking the guest speaker based on their field. This sheet is due the day the speaker is scheduled to present. The second page of the assignment will be a typed up 1-2 page response to the presentation in which you examine what you learned and what stood out the most for you about this particular event. Please note that this assignment is not meant to be a simple restating of facts. This assignment’s purpose is for you to analyze your feeling s about the material presented. Assignment should be double-spaced with one inch margins. You will receive 10 points for the typed questions the day of the presentation. If you do not have any questions the day of the presentation you will lose 10 points. The other 40 points will come from your 1-2 page response.

Guest Speaker

  • Transgender stereotypes
  • Transgender myths

* If any presentation is missed, points for this assignment can be received by writing a 4 page double spaced essay relating to the issue the speaker presented on. This essay should include proper citations for any websites or documents used to gather information. This essay will be due the date the guest speaker paper was due unless essay is accompanied by a late coupon.

2-Read the article by Brent Staples and submit a critical commentary type paper here for 5 points of extra credit.

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