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Lesson 6 Assignment

Create one of the types of visual aids described in the lesson for this article: Most Selective Online Graduate Engineering Programs. Your visual aid should be unique and include the following:

  • Title
  • Relationships
  • Key, legend, or explanatory text
  • A short summary of the information presented

After you have finished creating your graph, write a 200 word reflection that describes your graph and how you applied the content of the lesson. You will need to create or insert your graph in a Microsoft Word document.

Use the following videos to create your visual aid in Microsoft Word:

If you chose to create an Infographic, you can use an online website then insert your infographic into a Word document.

Grading Criteria


Visual Aid: Visual aid is created and matches the content of the reading.


Summary: Summary includes relevant information used to create the visual aid.


Reflection: A 200 word (or more) reflection is included that describes the process of creating the visual aid.


Application: Lesson content is applied in creation of the visual aid and described in the reflection.


Conventions: Writing is clear with few grammar and spelling mistakes.


Total Possible Points


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