To write a paper that argues that Division 1 athletes (focused on mens football, and basketball) should get paid.

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Write a paper that uses ethos, pathos and logos to argue that division 1 student athletes should get a payment for their work. due to their ability to bring in billions of dollars to their school and the NCAA. To use sources and cite sources that give reason for this compensation. For example of a source using the NCAA football video game court case which the court found that they must pay the players that were in the games.

I was thinking that an idea to solve the problem is to change the idea of amateurism status of athletes. It should not mean they can’t get money for the service but it puts a limit or some sort of guideline for the money they can gain. This is a way that a billion dollar industry (NCAA sports) doesn’t continue to become a industry that uses people and discards them due to a rule that was made at the beginning of sports when people weren’t watching it as much.

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