How to respond to a students response

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When it comes to biblical leadership only one person comes to my mind. Jesus was a charismatic leader to those that follow Him today and to those who did the same over two-thousand years ago. He leads by example no matter the situation or crisis, he always has the answers to our problems. He stated he is the way, truth, life and no one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6). He is great at getting people to set aside personal concerns and reminding us to keep our eyes on our Father in heaven. Baldwin, Bommer, and Rubin (2013) indicated the most effective leaders motivate people to perform above and beyond the call of duty and enhance group success.

In addition to being charismatic, His approach to our life concerns and needs were paramount. Although He was God, He didn’t allow His ego to affect the mission He was sent to do. His job was to give salvation to all mankind by spreading the word of God. For us to have salvation we must let go of the very thing that separates us from God which is a sin. The Bible states that we all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God (Roman 3:23). Whatever we go through in life, His approach is to teach us that a solution can be found if we seek Him. Being a teacher myself it can be difficult at time to get all students to comprehend information being taught at the same time. Jesus is the ultimate role model for us to pattern our life and faith. As we strive to be better Christians, His ability to coach us through our difficult times helps us to perfect our walk with our heavenly Father.


Baldwin, T., Rubin, R., & Bommer, B. (2013). Managing organizational behavior: What great managers know and do (2nded.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill-Irwin.

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