Chapter/Primary Source Response

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  • Your Response post should be 200-250 words long.
  • You must include informal parenthetical citations for all material directly referenced from the sources. Use this citation format: (author, publication year)

Chapter/Primary Source Response: After you have read Chapter 7 and the primary source for this chapter, answer the following questions about the Primary Source and the Textbook Reading:

Thomas Jefferson often serves as the personification of a contradiction between the ideal of equality, on the one hand, and the reality of inequality, at the core of the American nation. After reading Chapter 7, and the excerpt from Jefferson’s
Notes on the State of Virginia in the
Yawp reader (titled “Thomas Jefferson’s Racism”) answer the following questions: how did Jefferson’s election to the presidency promise a future of equality for all Americans? What do his comments in his
Notes on the State of Virginia about Native Americans and black people suggest about who Jefferson considered to be “American”? How did Native Americans, black Americans, and women challenge prejudices against them by their actions during Jefferson’s presidency, and during the War of 1812?

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