English 103 Discussion post

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In our textbook, read Chapter 5 (Sources Part 2). Also locate two online articles: “Reading in a World of Wonderlands” by Rebecca L. Walkowitz, August 31, 2016, Los Angeles Review of Books and “Was Lewis Carroll a Pedophile? His Photographs Suggest So” by Lorena Muñoz Alonso,

January 30, 2015 (on Art Net). In Files in Canvas, see this PowerPoint: Welcome to the MLA At OWL at Purdue, review Apostrophe Introduction

Hyphen Use Using Quotation Marks Extended Rules for Using Quotation Marks More Quotation Mark Rules

D7 topic : Which of the Alice in Wnderland movies have you been watching for P2, and what are your thoughts about them? Any you love? Any you hate?

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