paired T test and anaylsis of data (APA) 200 words

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Please Find attached crritera sheet and follow it carefully

You are testing the hypothesis that shift workers will report a different number of hours sleep per night, on average, compared to non-shift workers (i.e., it is a non-directional hypothesis). You are comparing the mean between number of hours sleep per night, on average, shift worker compared to non-shift workers using paired T test

You will be required to download a copy of the free statistics analysis program, GNU PSPP. Unless you can use SPSS.

You may download this at,

You will then be required to:

copy-and-paste your PSPP output into a Word document in the same Word document, write a brief justification of why that test was chosen (including comment on the nature of the independent and dependent variables, as well as on the outcome of your assumption testing), and one paragraph of text that demonstrates your ability to interpret and report your results

I have Uploaded the dataset in an excell File as it wouldn’t let me upload a .Sav, I have also attached a Paired t test I performed on the data, I am not sure if it its correct though.

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