Discovery Channel Program Exercise

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– For this assignment, research two of the experts listed below who are in the Discovery Channel program to determine his/her credibility in his/her field, and post your findings here BEFORE you view the programs. The main purpose of the assignment is to discover and document your steps in determining how websites are or are not credible. Check at least 5 websites for each person when doing your research. Please prepare a Works Consulted page in proper MLA 8 format. Please see the attached for more detailed instructions. If you quote from any of your sources in your report, please prepare a Works Cited page and use proper intext citations. DO attach your Works Consulted/Cited page(s).

-Please document the following by taking screen shots and explaining in prose as you work through your research in order to discover the possible credibility of two of the experts from the list. Please number each part of your assignment.

1- Dr. Robert Folk, a geologist.

2- Dr. David M. Jacobs, an historian.

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