discussion about film STAGECOACH

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After viewing the film , review Chapter 4, and then address at least one of the following questions.

  • How is this film a pointed social commentary (See Ch. 4 pg 166)?
  • The film was made in 1939: How does this film reflect the time and culture in which it was made?
  • Does the narrative of the film, STAGECOACH explicitly state what year we are in? Is this important?
  • What are the diegetic and non-diegetic elements?
  • Describe at least one Round character? One Flat character? Describe specifically what makes them Flat or Round characters.
  • What makes this a quintessentially “Western” Genre film?

Remember, to add to the conversation already posted by your peers. Don’t merely repeat an answer that has already been posted.

Each Discussion is graded on the followingPoints
Discussion is focused on the subject.3
Response attempts to stimulate further thought & discussion.1
Film vocabulary and concepts introduced in this class is used.1
Discussion post is a minimum of 100 words.1
Response contains complete sentences.1
Discussion posted contains no spelling errors.1
Discussion post does not exceed 300 words.1
Student has posted to the discussion.1

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