Social Stratification in United States

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For this assignment you will collect data on social classes in the United States. It is important that you cite all references you have used. You will also do some research on the link between poverty (lower class) and health. Based on your readings for module 3 and research on social class and poverty, answer the following prompts.


Grading criteria

Prompt 1: present data on US class structure – what percentage of population is higher, middle and lower class in the US

give statistics. Give the source – where did you get this data from?

Prompt 2: How unequal is the income distribution in the US

explain the statistics on unequal income distribution

Prompt 3: Use either Davis-Moore Thesis or conflict theory to explain income inequality in the US

first explain how the theory explains inequality, then apply it to income inequalities in the US

Prompt 4: How does poverty affect health

first collect statistics life expectancy, mortality, disease pattern by poverty. Cite resources. Once you have shown that poverty and health are linked, explain how poverty affects health

General instructions:

  1. Read the prompts carefully – you will have to collect statistics on US class structure and health indicators (life expectancy, mortality etc.)
  2. Please use the most recent data and cite the resources – where did you get this data.
  3. To address prompt 3 – decide which theory you are going to use to explain income inequality. This prompt has 15 points, thus make sure that you present the theory (one paragraph) and application of the theory (one paragraph)
  4. Prompt 4 – make sure that you have statistics to show the link between poverty and health.
  5. There is no firm word limit to address these prompts. However, a general guideline is this – the more points a prompt has, the more you will write and focus on explanation.
  6. Please be mindful of copying the material. The language gives away the fact that its “copy-paste”. Whenever you copy something cite!

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