Research Proposal (1 Page)

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Please write a 1 page research proposal on Herodotus and the Oracle at Delphi.

The proposal should be about Herodotus and the Oracle at the Delphi. First you should summarize the topic. Include some discussion of what you intend to investigate and research. As this is a history course, it is fundamental that you explain the historical forces that shaped your topic and how it provides insight into the social and cultural concerns of its day.

Talk about how Herodotus and the Oracle at the Delphi relate to the future and how people relied on it to gain guidance and clarity into what the future held.

The biggest concern is that you must have 3 primary sources and 3 secondary sources that I will use when I turn this proposal into a research paper. There is a distinct difference between the primary and secondary, 3 of each is absolutely required. I included one PDF that we used in class for you to get a sense of the topic and what a source should look like. This example does not count in the 6 that you must deliver. The sources also do not count in the 1 page proposal. They should be kept separate on a different page.

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