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please use your own words:

1:In some types of theatre, the characters onstage are aware of the audience’s presence and speak directly to the audience in soliloquies and asides. Does this affect their believability? Why or why not?

2:The Greek word for actor is “hypokrite,” the source of the English word “hypocrite.” Look the term up in the dictionary. Is role-playing in real life hypocritical? Are actors not to be trusted because they are capable of mimicking emotions at will?

3:If children use imitation and role-playing as a way of learning, what effect does what they see in popular entertainment have on their development? At what point, if any, do these effects diminish? In a society such as ours, which is flooded with images from popular entertainment, how can children be shielded from negative ideas? Should they be shielded?

4: Throughout history, performers have been revered and reviled. What is the contemporary attitude toward them? Are they seen as different from other people? In what way?

5: While acting is prevalent in real life, there are times when such role-playing is not acceptable. Discuss such instances. Is it possible to not play roles? How?

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