A Closer Look at Look at Black Populations

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Directions: This assignment consists of two short answer questions and is worth 30 points.

The following short answer assignment consists of 1-2 case scenarios accompanied by a total of 2 questions. The questions will require you to apply the concepts described in this lesson to specific case scenarios.

While it is important to remember that we are talking about cultures in general terms that do not always apply to specific individuals, for the purposes of this assignment some degree of “heritage consistency” can be assumed

Response to each question must be in the form of a 100 to 250-word well-developed paragraph, with well-developed sentences, correct spelling, and proper grammar. It is important to review the lesson objectives and be sure to demonstrate your achievement of those objectives in your response

Cite all sources of information, including your textbook, using last name and page numbers in parenthesis in the text; for a book: (Author’s last name, year, p. ###). Provide a resource list at the conclusion of the assignment formatted as in this example: Author’s last name, first initial. (year). Title in italics. Location of publisher: Publisher



Jada is a 37 year old woman who comes into the health clinic for a free STD screening. She lives in section 8 housing, lives on welfare, and has 6 children under the age of 10 living in a one bedroom apartment. She is unsure of the father of three of her children and the father of her other children is in jail. The health care provider suggests community resources, the use of birth control, as well as her health in general in an effort to improve her living situation but ideas seem to be met with hostility.

Question 1: How might her hostility be explained by the historical Black experience with allopathic health care? Your response should include specific examples.


Marcus is a 15 year old boy who has frequent run-ins with the law. He lives with his mother and grandmother in a very run down part of the city that is known for drugs, violence, and prostitution. The football coach at his high school has asked him to try out for the team. He is at the clinic for the physical examination required before he can try out. You find out, through looking at his file, that his brother was recently killed in a gang related shooting and his father is in jail.

Question 2: Assess cultural strengths and liability in terms of wellness practices and access to health care that may impact the patient in this scenario. In addition to elements specifically mentioned in the scenario, please supplement your assessment with other facts and concepts you have learned in this lesson. Your response should include mention of racial disparities.

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