4-1 Discussion: Twelfth Night

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I am needing someone to complete a 2 – 3 paragraph discussion post over the following:

Masks and disguises are used throughout Twelfth Night. For this week’s discussion, examine the importance of masks and hiding in the play. Choose two characters and identify what their masks are and what those masks are hiding. Are the masks helpful or harmful? Do people today use similar techniques to hide their true feelings or identities?

You can read the play or find examples to cite here: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/1526?msg=welcome_s…

I will also need responses written for the attached posts that address the following:

When responding to classmates, explain the similarities and differences between your analysis and theirs, such as how the characters you chose demonstrate the masking theme in a similar way to other characters, or how your interpretation of one character is different from your classmates’ interpretation. You may also wish to go back to The Taming of the Shrew and look for connections between the two works in regard to masking, both literal and figurative.

The peer replies only need to be a paragraph long. Please remember to cite all sources in MLA format.

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