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reflection : There will be ONE SELF-REFLECTION due summarizing your daily journal entries and any findings you may have realized over the semester. The reflection is due by WEDNESDAY, June 27th. The paper should be 2-PAGE MINIMUM double-spaced, Typed, 12pt Font. Submit paper to Blackboard folder by MIDNIGHT.

Hello , I want someone to write me reflection paper about the yoga class that I had and I will give you some Information , and I just want you to write anything down for two papers nothing fancy I need it simple and clear.

The First thing you can talk about that since I had the class I have no idea about yoga , but with the time I started practicing yoga I really like it , and I had a lot of benefits of it .

The second thing we have to talk about it is : three things that you are grateful off . , and I chose family ,health , home That’s the most three main things that I’m grateful off .

Thank you .

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