Etymology Research Paper on the word honor

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Etymology Research Paper on the word honor

Etymology is the origin and development of a word, traced far back as possible in time. This tracing is usually done by the methods of comparative linguistics. In other words, words that are part of our vocabulary today perhaps may have not had the same meaning 400 years ago.

Some of the major influences that have an impact on the evolution of the word meaning:

societal, political, cultural, race, gender, age, education, war, media, classic writers, pop culture etc

Using the Prompt below, research and write an essay about the history of a word that you choose (Honor). This should be a narrative essay and show how the meaning of the word has changed and what you learned from your research. You are not required to use to Outline below. Make sure that your paper has a thesis or argument.

Possible Outline

I. Introduction

II. History of Word

III. Changes in Word

IV. Current Usage of Word

V. Experience Researching (things you found surprising, interesting, boring, be sure to explain)

Your paper should tackle your findings resulting from your research in a creative insightful manner, and introspective approach and should also address your words political and or cultural foundations. In other words, your paper is not to be written with a rote or dry tone. This paper is NOT a regurgitation of your findings, but rather it should have a clear purpose and focus by examining your words evolution throughout history.

Must provide an abstract as the beginning of your narrative essay

Paper must be 2-3 paper, not counting the Works Cited page

First person usage IS appropriate and even preferred for this essay

Must be typed in 12 size times new roman font

Must be in the MLA version 8 format

Must include a works cited page for all of your resources

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