Reading response

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David Morgan in The Sacred Gaze, pp. 55–74, discusses seven functions of religious images

within visual practice. Having read the examples that he provides for each function, explain each

of these functions through an example from your own experience.

Please note: David Morgan’s The Sacred Gaze: Religious Visual Culture in Theory and Practice

is available to you as an e-book via the Healey Library website. The link is provided on

Blackboard. You will need to apply your Healey library barcode on your ID card in order to

access the link.

Remember that whenever you quote or paraphrase the author’s ideas, you should cite the author

accurately by last name and page number). For example, “(Morgan, 67).”

Grading Criteria

This reading response paper (RRP), is the second of five, and constitutes 7% of your final grade.

All RRPs will be graded on a modified Pass/Fail basis. The grading criteria are as follows:

Satisfactory, good, or very good: A–

Deficient but acceptable: C

Unacceptable: F

Excellent or outstanding: A

No submission:

Submission of Assignments

1) All written work is to be uploaded as a Word document or RTF file on Blackboard. Please note

that the document should be named in the following manner: Yourlastname_RRP2, i.e. if the

participant’s last name is “Irani,” the file should be named: Irani_RRP2.

2) All assignments should be formatted in a double-spaced, standard 12-point font, such as Times

New Roman, with one-inch margins.

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