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1-For your primary source readings this week you were assigned two works that illustrate the women’s suffrage movement of the early 20th century. Jane Addams’ “Why Women Should Vote” poses an argument of why women should vote based on the social role of women at the time. How does Jane Addams claim that the right to vote will not endanger the place of women in the home. Does Helen Valeska Bary’s “The Suffrage Movement in Southern California, 1910-1911” reinforce the position of women described by Addams? Why or why not?

2-The three readings for this week detail Wilson’s ideological motivations for involving the United States in World War I, his lofty ambitions for the post-war world, and his ultimate failure at the peace talks in Paris. Summarize what Wilson, according to his Fourteen Points, wanted for a post-war world and what he saw as the main propagator for the war itself.

3-This week you were assigned several very different documents based on the principles and ideals posited by the Progressive Movement in the country during the early 20th century. What issues does each reading address and how do they fit in the Progressive policy goals? Please use specific examples from the readings.

example to answer number 3

#what did I get from the assign readings is that each reading has a problem and a solution that included with. Starting with ” An insider view of hull house” which shows the problems which immigrants have of being unable to speak English, but they get taught in the Hull House to get better opportunities and be a hope for the U.S some day. I think that it address Protecting social welfare and Reducing the impact of the harsh conditions and was the goal of the hull house that it been build for the poor citizens and Immigrants.The second reading ” Boss Government at work” I think the problem here was how some politicians were hypocrites and needs to get cleaned as the streets got cleaned by the muckrakers.The goal was Promoting Moral Improvement that the politics should think more in the country future. The Other reading was ” The American Forests” It focusing specifically on Americana environment how the people should think about their nation sustainability and try to keep it for the next generation by taking care for the forests and trees and choose the tree that is good for lumber and keep the young own.This reading consider in Economic efficiency that their should be balance in using the ores of nature for the products. And the last reading ” Charles Davenport, from hereditary in relations to Eugenic” where he wanted to keep the original race for the Americans and he compared keeping the human race clear and saw it important as the horses.

#I talked about some of the people in the progressive and what they achieved or what they done in the Progressive policy goals.

Ryan presents a powerful moral and economic argument on legislation of the minimum wage in the United States. He provides a dissertation named “A living Wage “, after doing research and studies while he was in the Catholic university as a professor. He proposes that every man, due to his endorsement by nature / God with rights required for a sensational developing of their personality, gains a natural right that grants him a share in all earth’s products.

Margaret Sanger in “Free Motherhood” from Woman and the New Race” tables ideas based on feminism. She expressed the women’s right to vote, right for free reproductive choice and sexual expression, and She was majorly advocating for a freedom of expression for the women, and enhancing the progressive era according to the social development of the women.

Woodrow Wilson advocated for change in the progressive era as a form of “new freedom”, and The tariffs offer protection for the large industrialists while the small scale farmers suffered.

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