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This is a discussion post just please site your references

For this discussion, we are looking at research on the relationship between spirituality and health. As with previous discussions, we will approach the discussion questions as a group starting with the first question and working our way through the list of questions. Remember, you are not being asked to post a mini paper responding to the list of questions but rather read what has been posted and then add to the discussion. As each question is answered fully, we will move to the next. One week goes by quickly so you are encouraged to join the discussion as soon as you begin the readings and come back to the discussion area often to follow the postings and add to the discussion. Note: the first question is asking for your opinion.

The first question in this discussion is opinion and experience-based, so you can begin immediately.

For each of the subsequent questions, please meaningfully integrate this week’s learning materials in our conversation with each other. As always, we will go through each question one at a time together.

  • What is the role and perception of spirituality in our culture today?
  • To what extent are expressions of spirituality valued and respected as strategies for healing and stress reduction? Please explain.
  • How can people’s spirituality needs be supported by health and allied health professionals?

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