6 Page paper on the existence of God. Arguments for and against.

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I would like a 6 page paper on the existence of god from an ISLAMIC and SCIENTIFIC perspective. This paper needs to present both sides i.e, arguments for and against the existence of god. I would also like the paper to end off with the reason of why god exists. Down below are the instructions:

A 6 page position paper is required. The paper must be in proper academic form, i.e., it will include introductory and concluding sections, an acceptable referencing format and bibliography. Successful completion of this assignment requires that the student defend a carefully delimited position within the context of an issue germane to the general subject of religion. The FIRST sentence of your essay must begin with this form: “THE PURPOSE OF MY PAPER IS TO PROVE THAT…”

An effective defense will include:

a.) a precise statement of the thesis–i.e., a statement explaining exactly what you aim to reasonably establish;

b.) positive argumentation/ evidence in support of one’s thesis;

c.) argumentation against competing positions;

d.) anticipatory response(counter-argumentations) to possible objections to your thesis.

f.) Use at least 6-10 sources and quote text properly.

Please let me know of any questions you have.

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