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SOCIOLOGY 2275- online

Utilizing Chapter 1, students are to prepare a 4-6 page typed double spaced summary of a selected article about a specific social issue in our society using the theoretical perspectives used in the study of social matter.Please follow the outline below.In your paper, however, do not utilize an outline format (I, A etc.)Use a regular paper format utilizing subtitles to separate each of your paper components. A template is provided for you. See in week 1 module. Your first draft is due by Saturday of week 6.You must submit a first draft or your final draft will not be accepted and you will receive a “0” (zero) for both. Final papers are due no later than Saturday of week 8.

I.Title:An example of a title might be “Utilizing Three Sociological Perspectives to Analyze an Article Entitled “Drug Bust Hurts Children.” Please turn in article for approval by Saturday of week 3.It will be returned with approval or denial in week 4.

II.Introduction to the Paper:An example might be “This paper will utilize three sociological perspectives, __________, ____________, and _______________, to analyze a social issue in society today.The article that I have selected is entitled “Drug Bust Hurts Children” and it appeared in the Tuesday, September 2, 2008 edition of the Montgomery Advertiser.It was written by Juan Jones.”

III.Summary of Article.Your subtitle could Summary of Newspaper Article.

  • You will select a newspaper or current magazine article about a particular social issue (drive-by, murders, drug bust, lack of health insurance,etc.).
  • The article must be of a substantial size with enough information to allow it to be analyzed.
  • First, introduce the article; give the title, the author, the source it came from (newspaper, magazine, internet, etc.) and the date.
  • Summarize the main details in the article:what happened, who did it happen to, why and when.

IV.Basic Overview of the Three Theoretical Perspectives you will use.First, use a subtitle “Three Sociological Perspectives.”You could begin this section in such a way “I will now describe the three basic sociological perspectives I have used to analyze my article with brief examples for clarification”.You can then use a subtitle for each perspective.For example, one sub-title would be Structural Functionalism. Write at least one-to two paragraphs to explain, describe and give examples for each perspective.

A.Structural Functionalism:

B.Conflict Theory

C.Rational Choice Theory

D.Symbolic Interactionism

Example: Analysis of the Effects of Drug Use on Children Utilizing Three Sociological Perspectives.

A.First, you will need a subtitle.You could use Analysis of the Article Utilizing the Structural Functionalist Perspective.First, give an introductory sentence.For Example: “Utilizing the structural functionalism perspective to analyze my article “Drug Bust Hurts Children,” the sociologist using this perspective would concentrate on what broke down in society to cause this problem.Structural Functionalists believe that society consists of a number of institutions that all function together to maintain equilibrium.In this situation, the family got involved in drugs.The family system broke down because they let the children down by not supporting them in the way a family should.The social service system may have broken down because rather than taking the children out of the situation, they left them there and now they are injured. etc…..going through each of the different institutions that may have broken down to cause the problems.Additionally, for this perspective, the sociologist would then investigate how the issue could be solved.For example:”To prevent the drug bust from injuring the children, the family could have attained counseling to help the parents with parenting skills,received assistance from their church to help them spiritually, etc………”

B.You would then proceed with the other two perspectives, each with their own subtitles, then followed by describing how each perspective would focus on the situation at hand; why it occurred, how it occurred, and perhaps how it could have been avoided or fixed.

VI.Summary and Conclusions

A.Your subtitle may be Summary and Conclusions

Please provide at least two paragraphs briefly summarizing the contents of the paper.

  • Please give your personal opinion regarding which of the three perspectives you found to be the most

useful to analyze your article and explain why.Your opinion should not include whether you though

the article too long, hard to read, etc.

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