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think of how allegory, symbols, and metaphors interact to form deeper

meanings. Different schools of thought, or forms of literary criticism,

have emerged over the years to interpret and guide potential meanings

(e.g., Marxism views texts through a perspective of class distinctions,

Reader Response deals with the reader’s specific meaning based on

individual background, Postcolonial deals with ramifications of

colonialism, etc.).

Many critics have linked different social issues to the stories we read this week. For example, some believe that Atwood’s “Lusus Naturae” is an allegory of the mistreatment of homosexuals, women, minorities, or another specific underrepresented group.

For this Discussion, write 200 words explaining an allegorical interpretation of Atwood’s story (by viewing it as a comment on one specific repressed group, as noted above). Use examples from the story to justify your meaning and why you believe the text may be referring to that group. (You do not need to name the specific school of thought of literary criticism, e.g., Marxist or Feminist).

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