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You are being asked to integrate key concepts that are common to all 5 comprehensive scenarios. Be sure to make reference to all 5 comprehensive case scenarios. In a 3- to 4-page paper discuss the following:

  • Provide a definition of the human service profession.
  • Identify and discuss key human services principles and concepts that are prevalent throughout the comprehensive scenarios. Provide specific examples from each case. Remember, you are going beyond simply providing terms and definitions from your previous courses. You are discussing concepts, principles, and themes that are universal to the human service profession e.g. professional integrity, client self-determination, universal boundaries, personal insight, professional training etc…
  • Identify principles and concepts that overlap among the case scenarios.
  • Discuss which case scenarios you found the most challenging and why.
  • Discuss how you will apply lessons and concepts learned from these scenarios to real-life human service work i.e. Transferable Skills. Examples of transferable skills include but are not limited to: Conducting a social history, writing in objective language, formulating measurable goals and objectives, assessing a client for services, identifying culturally relevant factors etc. Be specific. Give examples.

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