chapter 5 respond classmate

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Phuong Do

The causes of the American Revolutionary War did not form overnight, in fact; the colonies failed to a settlement with the British Empire. Through the Tea Act, Sugar Act, Stamp Act which included Benjamin Franklin, John Dickinson, Philip Livingston and many more then heavy taxes trigger people’s anger. Mainly the British had a big debt from war, and they tried to force the American pay for their war’s damage through taxes. This was also a time when preachers, thinkers, and philosophers started building their freedom and independence mind as Enlightenment and U.S were stockpiling their arms and ammunition for the future war that changed the history forever. The Southern states were playing the main factor in the delay to unification since they got to benefit from the cotton crops. Even though, most of the colonies found British governments unfair and injustice. British sent their soldiers abused their power to the colonists as search property, stole goods, seize the land in the name of destroying smuggled goods. The royal army prepared its 50,000 regular troops and more than 30,000 Germany mercenaries. On the other hand, American’s army significantly smaller and mostly young slaves, unskilled servants soldier, so it was questioned why did the colonists win the war. For this reasons, the American got three important advantages in the Revolutionary War such as geography landscape, unification, and war strategies. First off, the war started on American soil and who understand the U.S region more than the America troops. British armies were completely not familiar with the terrain of North America and their harsh climates which was the hot temperature of the South. Moreover, long distance in the supply chains also made the British suffer from gun materials and soldier’s shortage. Besides, the British Empire overspent in energy, money, and sources in the past and kept up with this war will be expensive. Over the year, the American learned its enemy experiences and came up with advanced war strategies. The colonists surprise attacked at night in cold weather while British soldiers were sleeping as the Battle of Trenton by George Washington (Bluhm). Besides the Battle of Quebec 1750, several riders as Paul Revere and Samuel Prescott won their terrific match with different tactics (Holiday). In different tactics, the American military took advantage of the high mountainous terrain and fired overhead the British’s troops in the Battle of Bunker Hill by William Prescott. Most important help was from French which turned the world upside down, the French decided to support U.S army throughout the entire war until victory. They backed up the colonists’ army with arms, cash, and ammunition in Battle of Yorktown. After fully committed to the American Revolution, France sent their powerful troops and defensive warships to protect Washington’s army. (Wilde). French created a bigger threat to Great Britain in West Africa and West Indias. After several years, Spain joined with French to boost the war to its triumph. After 16 years of war, the country and its people understood and appreciated the word: Freedom. When you had your own voice spoke for your rights, and the government completely new and changed were what the American Revolution promised. People went through damages, costs and many more to win the war between the British Empire, and finally took back their land, created their self-government with an equal society. John Adams and other congressman demanded 13 colonies independence and rights, and finally, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. “All men created equal”, but slavery was still in charge. Slave owners promised with the freedom to their slave but immediately enslave them again after the war. Even though in the Constitution, slavery was mentioned as “the persons” who got no protection, rights and this was the most failure of the country even they reached such an important point to freedom. One-fifth of the population returned to their old lives and suffer slavery for years to come.

*In your reply, do not just simply “agree” or “disagree” with your classmates. In your post explain why you agree or disagree. Address the examples they offered to support their perspectives. Can you identify other examples that support their views? Can you identify other examples that challenge their views? You may want to comment of any valuable insights or suggestions that you got from their post, or pose follow up questions for further consideration.

*Your “Peer Response” should demonstrate that you have watched the films, or read the textbook and the primary source. Your reply need not address every aspect of the prompt, but it must be relevant to the original discussion prompt and appropriate to the discussion. Your response should be 100 – 150 words. Your ideas should be expressed clearly and concisely. It should be able to stimulate discussion and offer new interpretations of discussion material.

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