English Discussion Assignment

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Follow these steps to complete this discussion assignment.

  1. Search the Internet for one credible article about problems in your field of study (CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION)
  1. Use the criteria from Chapter 13b (READ THE PAGES I ATTACHED BELOW-3 PGS)
  2. Choose a source from a government agency, well-known newspaper, or from an organization that is dedicated to the study and promotion of your field.
  3. No Wikipedia
  4. If the site looks like it’s run by a single person, you should pass on it.


  1. Create and a full citation of your source using the MLA citation template for “A Document within a Website.”
  2. Answer the following questions about your source. If you do not know an answer to a question, write that the information is missing.
  1. Who wrote the article?
  2. What education and experience does the author have to qualify him or her to write about this subject?
  3. What organization owns the web page?
  4. Is the information up-to-date? How do you know?
  5. Does the article contain an unfair bias? Why or why not?
  6. Who is the target audience for the article (general public, students, experts)?
  7. Was the article meant to simply present information or convince the readers to do something or change their perspective?
  8. Does this article have a low, medium, or high level of credibility? Explain your choice by referring to the answers to the above questions.

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