Interview outline

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Write an interview schedule (i.e., a list of questions the interviewer asks written in outline form so that questions are grouped in logical areas).Interview schedule must include at least ten questions. (worth 30 points of total assignment grade)—

    • Include the question, “Tell me a little about yourself” at the beginning and “what questions do you have?” at the end—see page 60 for guidance on how to answer this question.
    • At least one question each related to competence, compatibility, attitude and work ethic (see examples below.These are only examples.You are not limited to these).
    • At least one question posed as past behavior questions (i.e., “Tell me about a time when . . . “)—see page 58-60
    • At least one question posed as situational behavior questions (i.e., “What would you do . . . “)
    • No more than two closed ended questions—questions that expect one word or yes/no responses (i.e., “Are you old enough to work in this job?” “Are you MS Office Certified?”)
    • Graded on:
      • Grouped logically
      • Relevant to the job
      • Appropriately and legally worded

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