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Please write 4 pages paper, and only source you can you is from the reading, and you need to use some quotes from the reading.

ANSWER THE QUESTION BELOW, AND Follow the instruction from An ” A‘’ essay that i posted in pic.


How do you read the ending of ” The Gopher Grapevine?” Does the narrator understand the story Julius tells him? Does Julius ” win”–perhaps the way Brer Rabbit wins? Or… does he simply have the satisfaction having told a good yarn? And, what strategies( language, structure, narrative point of vies, irony, etc) do you see Chestnut using?


All the rules of formal analysis apply: a clear thesis or argument, supported by evidence from the test, close analysis of passages you cite, a conclusion which extends your reader a bit. Explain, analysis and, by all means, intelligently critique the writer if you don’t agree. The key to a successful paper is to pay close attention to the author’s language( or images) and ideals, to explore in greater depth some aspect of their work, to present it a clear and well-supported and if possible eloquent–manner.

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