Multiple Streams

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Discussion: Multiple streams in your policy issue

Policy Issue: Does providing specialized programs improve inmate rehabilitation efforts and reduce the rate of recidivism?

Having read the Henstra (2010) article about multiple streams, respond to the following:

  • How would you describe the problem stream? What indicators, focusing events, or feedback provide evidence of one or more problems?
  • How would you describe the policy stream? What ideas regarding problem definition and potential solutions have been proposed or debated among people and groups concerned with this policy area?*
  • How would you describe the politics stream? Have there been shifts in public opinion, actions by pressure groups, turnover among government personnel, or other changes in the political environment that influence the likelihood of policy change?
  • Describe any prospects for the opening of a policy window that will allow a policy entrepreneur to couple the streams to facilitate policy change.

This reading provides a fuller explanation of the MSA and then illustrates it using a case from the emergency management field. As you read it, consider how the problem, policy, and politics streams operate in your policy area and how an enterprising policy entrepreneur might couple them to produce policy change.

Please help me complete the above assignment. I attached the reading that is required above and my policy issue. You have assisted me previously with papers on my policy issue.Let me know if you need me to attach them for a reference or if you are able to look them up based on your completed tasks and my username. I allotted 3 hours of time so that you can take an hour to read the material before answering the questions. Please let me know if you need anything else from me. Again, please try to be as thorough as possible, and answer all prompts of the question related to the reading and my policy issue. Appreciate it! (Also, I do not need a cover page, headers or footers etc. There are 4 bullet points involved with the question so just looking for in-depth and thorough responses to each of those)..

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