Eye witness History Paper

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Divide your eyewitness in the following 3 sections (use section headings):

  1. Summary – make sure your summary is focused on the primary source only and not the introduction. Your assigned writing is on the quoted (eyewitness) section only
  2. Validity — Analyze its validity. Is this a reliable historical source – explain your answer. [Noting that this is a primary source is not an appropriate response, since all of the eyewitness assignments are primary sources]. You are to determine if this is a good and reliable primary source. Ask yourself: can we believe this material in this source, is the writer reliable, could he/she have an agenda, could he/she be biased…
  3. Question — For your third section answer following question:

a. What caused this event? [Causality]

http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/buffalobill.htm link for article

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