film response

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The right of one person to be free does not trump another’s right to property in the form of a human being. “Freedom is the inherent right of the human species”. Everyone should be free and should have the opportunity to live their life as they desire. Just because one man was free does not mean they have the right to own another human and own in them as a piece of property.

The irony of owning a human as a piece of property became evident when Thomas Jefferson was writing the declaration. Within that writing, he wrote, “all men are created equal” while owning 202 slaves. How is it that a man could write about all men being created equal yet oppressing the freedom of other men by owning them as property?

The great awakening brought whites and blacks together in fields where they would listen to a preacher talk about a free life for them. The unification of whites and blacks in this field showed that the power in Christianity was more than just the color of one’s skin. They understood it was more about their beliefs and the power one each man’s freedom.

Venture Smith went about trying to gain his freedom through violent acts. He was sold to a new owner who had told him that if he worked he would be able to work for his freedom That owner had no intention of allowing Venture his freedom. He then decided to sell Venture to his third owner and further away from his wife and kids. Venture Smith was never granted his freedom but rather sold multiple times. No man should ever be sold and moved from his family. Not only was he working for his freedom but for the freedom of his family too.

In your “Peer Response” Post you will meaningfully engage the ideas and perspectives of at least one of your classmates.

If you chose Option 1 for your “Reflection” post, then your “Peer Response” Post must respond to a classmate whose “Reflection” post addressed Option 2. If your “Reflection” post addressed Option 2, then your “Peer Response” mustrespond to a classmate who addressed Option 1.

All Peer Responses must:

    • explain why you agree or disagree with your fellow student.
    • Provide useful or substantive commentary that might
      • identify other examples that support their views?
      • identify examples that challenge their views?
      • pose follow up questions for further consideration.
    • Demonstrate that you have watched the films, or read the textbook and the primary source.
    • Be relevant to the original discussion prompt and appropriate to the discussion.
    • Your response should be roughly 150 words and written in a clear and concise manner.

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