President Trump has engaged in an escalating trade war of tariffs with China beginning in July of this year.

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In FOUR pages maximum, please discuss (1) What are the tariffs and what are the President’s stated reasons for them? (2) Protagonists? Who supports them (thinks tariffs against China are good), and why? (3) Antagonists? Who opposes them (thinks tariffs against China are bad), and why? (4) Your position? Why? How will they affect you?

Each section should be approximately a full page, thus all four sections should end up as FOUR full pages, plus a fifth page for citations. CITATIONS ARE REQUIRED. This is a current event so news sources will be your best sources (e.g. LA Times, NY Times, Time Magazine, etc.) DO NOT JUST PROVIDE A LIST OF SOURCES AT THE END. You need to cite the news sources wherever you use them anywhere inside those two pages of the assignment. Citations must be proper and complete. When identifying supporters and critics, you must identify specific INDIVIDUALS. Do not simply say “Republicans feel…” or “Democrats think…” because not all Republicans agree with the President and not all Democrats disagree with the President. Identify specific INDIVIDUALS. The best evidence of these individuals’ support or criticism are quotes of their statements. Use quotes of individuals’ statements as evidence.

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