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Bio-geography assignment (3-4p) you are supposed to write a history of yourself, your family, your grandparents, great-grand parents, etc. – as far back as you can go, and find out why they did the important things in their lives a particular way. You need to situate them in the larger scale of events, and in space (what have been their whereabouts). For instance: Why did they move, was there a shortage of jobs in the place your great grand-parent lived, was there a catastrophe that made people do things; or if you lived all your life, as well as everyone else in the family in Arlington, VA, write where and why – in other words, how are the decisions that members of your family and you made, influenced by external events, geographical context, culture, politics, and economy. Think of “anchor points” in your family’s history and work your way up to the present moment and your choice of school.

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