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Please respond thoroughly to one of the following prompts:

1.) Please identify the differences and similarities between the Theogony and Enuma Elish that you found most noteworthy. Then, explore what these observations might teach us about:

a.) Which elements of these creation myths are indicative of particular cultural viewpoints, and

b.) Which elements are discernible patterns that transcend cultural differences are common to many creation myths? What might this signify about fundamental shared human experience?

Feel free to use any other creation myths with which you are familiar in your response.

2.) Contemporary western culture tends to draw rigid distinctions between gods and monsters; they are discrete, often diametrically opposed categories. As we see in the Theogony and Enuma Elish, however, this isn’t true of humanity’s earliest, foundational understandings of gods and monsters.

Discuss the permeable boundaries between god and monster that are so characteristic in early creation myths. Examine what this might say about the interdependence of and inextricable links between hope and fear.

Use these two lterature reviews to answer one of the questions.

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