Sociology Discussion Questions

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Answer these questions according to the textbook Getting Real About Race by Stephanie McClure and Cherise Harris: Please answer each question separately and must be at least 200 words each. NO PLAGIARISM

1. The sociological imagination allows us to be curious about the remarkably patterned features of our social lives, despite all our human diversity. Select two quotes from today’s reading that, although probably spoken by 2 individuals who have never met, display strikingly similar frames and styles of colorblind racism. Why do you think these patterns of talking about race have taken hold so well in our society, and what function does it serve for society that these stories tend to be told like this?

2. Positive self-presentation is an important driver of many of colorblind racism’s storylines and testimonies. Consider one of the quotes presented in your assigned textbook reading, and propose an alternative way that the speaker could relate the same information or experience without reproducing colorblind racism? What would that look like?

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