RE: SOCW6121 – Response to 1 student

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Respond to a colleague’s intervention choice that differs from yours. (Use subheadings, be detailed in response and use course materials provided)

  • Contrast the underlying theories of the two interventions.
  • Explain whether you agree or disagree with your colleague’s identification of the problem and recommendation to address the problem through individual and/or family treatment.

Response to Tracy

Trauma and Loss

a description of the how the trauma related behaviors evident in the Levy video affect family interactions and the family system. Identify the problems in this case and explain whether these problems would best be addressed through individual treatment, family treatment, or a combination of both. Review the literature and recommend an evidence-based family intervention that might help Jake and Sheri and their sons. Describe how the intervention is implemented and its underlying theory. Explain how this intervention might help the Levy family and ameliorate the presenting problems. Finally, describe why you chose this intervention

According to Holosko, Dulmus, & Sowers (2013) the ecosystem perspective intervening to improve relationships within the family system can improve the functioning of the individual family members. Levy has suffered from some events in his term in the military. Levy and his wife are not seeing eye to eye. As described in the video Levy has been drinking and associating it with being sick. Levy is suffering from depression and his actions are splitting them up and damaging their marriage. Levy is suffering from PTSD from some issues from his military term in Iraq.

Levy’s treatment will probably be best addressed through individual and family combination treatment. The combination treatment would allow Levy to recognize how his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is affecting not only him but his family which includes his two sons. The treatment could help both him and his family build a better relationship between them. This will allow Jake and Sheri to have positive interactions between one another and with their children as well (Laureate Education, 2013).

According to Mullen, Bledsoe, & Bellamy (2008) evidence-based practice is a way of doing practice and assessing, intervening, and evaluating he case based on the set of assumptions and values of the case. The evidence-based family intervention used to help Jake Levy and his family is the use of family psychoeducation. The family intervention is offered to individual families or multiple families meeting to assess their issues that they are having (Holosko, Dulmus, & Sower, 2013).

The family intervention can help people like Jake that have been affected by mental illnesses including depression and other issues that require therapy for building himself up. The use of cognitive behavioral therapy will help to work through the PTSD Jake has been suffering from psychoeducation that will reduce some of his emotional distress and help within the treatment to overcome the mood disorders he suffers from.

The use of family psychoeducation can work well for the Levy family because of the presenting problems that Jake is going through. The Levy family will need a plan that will include his family as well as just him and his wife. The plan requires him to work on his distress moods to overcome and decrease the family conflicts and issues. The use of the intervention can help to get Jake help with his alcohol problem that he needs to gain control over. The problem with the alcohol he needs to gain control over it because this just adds to his depression and needing to help his PTSD. I chose this intervention because I think every aspect of the Levy family can be supported. The use of psychoeducation has been used in helping military veterans in the past and it is an effective type of treatment. Psychoeducation helps to educate people on their conditions and how treatment will help. The use of psychoeducation can help formulate group treatment and find and apply to a treatment plan for Jack. The use of psychoeducation can help manage stress and relaxation techniques to manage his PTSD (N.A., 2017).


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