Assessment Strategies

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At times, clients have multiple needs at once. Often one need is linked to many others; for example, if a client has no job, multiple problems are linked to unemployment. In addition, a client’s needs may not be exactly the ones that they identify as being most urgent. Thus, it is important to develop assessment skills that allow you to properly identify, prioritize, plan, implement, and evaluate multiple needs to implement an effective intervention plan. To prepare for this Discussion, review your course materials from any class that discussed assessment procedures and strategies.

  1. Create a short scenario of a client who needs assistance related to your chosen area of study. (Human Services/ Youth and Family Services) Describe, in a paragraph, the situation and the assistance needed from your client. For example, your client might be an adult client with children that has been unemployed for 6 months.
  2. Describe the process that you would use to assess and prioritize this client’s needs.
  3. What interventions would you use to help this client to meet the needs identified in your assessment?

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